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Duchesne River Fly Fishing

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In addition to many amazing rivers, the Duchesne River in Utah is a trout fishing treasure. With many fishable stretches, Duchesne River fly fishing is a wonderful experience. These stretches also include Blue Ribbon areas that produce beautiful brown, cutthroat, and rainbow trout. All these available fish are just the beginning of the experience you will have fishing on the Duchesne River.

The Duchesne River in Utah

The Duchesne River is located about two hours from Park City, Utah and begins in the Uinta Mountains. This particular river is 115 miles long. While much of the river is private, there are actually plenty of public access points that will make a fly fisherman’s dream day on the water. This is what makes Duchesne River fishing a unique and memorable experience.

Duchesne River Fly Fishing Guides are Here to Help

Since most of the river is private, it’s especially helpful to have a knowledgeable and experienced fishing guide. Our guides know when and where the best fishing spots are along this river, and will happily help you catch the trout you’re after. The Duchesne River is a full-day commitment, but worth it for the beautiful scenery and available fish. Our Duchesne River fishing guides are happy to help you book your unforgettable fishing trip. Contact us to start planning your Duchesne River fly fishing experience!

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